ABC Preschool Library & READBox

   Reading is an integral part of your child's daily routine while at ABC Preschool. One of our goals is to foster a love of reading for our students, and encourage preschoolers to enjoy looking through books on their own after they've been read to. 

   We also encourage parents to read daily to their child to build stronger relationships, build your child's vocabulary and reading skills. Reading to your child also helps them develop concentration abilities, empathy for others, and allows your child's imagination to soar.

   One way we help parents is through our READBox. Like the REDBox movie kiosk, your family can "rent" a book, but for one week FREE! From picture books, fiction and nonfiction, to emergent reading books and audio books, there's something for every level of reader in our READBox.

Audio Books
Pair the below audio file with the corresponding book from our READBox.
((Some audio files are not the best quality, since transferred from cassette tape)):